About BMWC

Business Money World BMW (Business Money World) is an technology based company established back in 2011. We are a fully licensed and regulated Malaysian financial institution and a Principal Member of Malaysian technology Aspects..

The core services we offer include the acceptance and processing of Utility payments, the acquisition and issuing of payment cards, and the provision of related corporate accounts to manage funds..

Be your own bank of secure decentralize registry

Utility payments globally

Payments can be made simple and easy

encrypted and more secured wallets


On the global marketplace

World Wide Platform

BMWC platform offers you with good charting, trade history as well as functional order book where you can place orders on your preferred price.

Safe Transactions

cryptography is the art of encrypting information to make sure it remains private. In the case of cryptocurrencies, transactions are encrypted and decrypted by mathematics.

Global Payment Systems

BMWC comes up with the global payment system, it can be utilized globally. Buy, sell and pay on various cryptocurrency acceptable points over the globe.


BMWC team started working hard from 2016, to ensure that the money you invest gives you high profit.

How it works

Our Ecosystem based on blockchain and we solved issues of current and future


The Blockchain is an encrypted, distributed database that records data, or in other words it is a digital ledger of any transactions, contracts - that needs to be independently recorded. One of the key features of Blockchain is that this digital ledger is accessible across several hundreds and thousands of computer and is not bound to be kept in a single place. Blockchain chain has already started disrupting the financial services sector, and it is this technology which underpins the digital currency.

Blockchain Connect

In many ways, the technology places new startups and established juggernauts on an equal footing while creating a dynamic and competitive marketplace. These projects are frequently well-funded as they embody the enthusiasm and potential of a new technological landscape.

These connections will facilitate the continued expansion and integration of blockchain technology. In doing so, this decentralized ecosystem will flourish as different platforms can contribute to and benefit from the dynamic developments happening in the space.

Smart Contracts.

A smart contract can formalize the relationships between people, institutions and the assets they own. The transaction rulesets (agreement) of the smart contract define the conditions - rights and obligations - to which the parties of a protocol or smart contract consent. It is often predefined, and agreement is reached by simple opt-in actions.

This transaction rule set is formalized in digital form, in machine-readable code (formalization). These rights and obligations established in the smart contract can now be automatically executed by a computer or a network of computers as soon as the parties have come to an agreement and met the conditions of the agreement (enforcement).

Blockchain Mechanisms and their Benefits.

These are chosen utilizing a specific algorithm, not just by probability and size of their shares. Likewise, their significance for the system and the significance that the system clearly has for them stream into the procedure.

A recognition of fake use and manipulative models is, obviously, included in this idea to avoid spammy members to pick up a higher importance score.


When you're investing in blockchain, you have to deal with cryptocurrency transaction fees. This is nothing new as you also pay for using the services of third parties such as exchanges in the stock market as well.

However, due to the decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies, you have to pay for using a the network of a crypto as well. The network needs be incentivised to verify all the transactions occurring on the blockchain, and you as a user are paying for that.


ICO Functions

Safe and secure Transactions, Datas are encrypted and kept private, Multiple Payment Gateway (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP). KYC will be verified to all users.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateway
KYC Verification

Token Economics

Our initial coin offering will run till softcap reached. Full details of the ICO can be found within the platform.

  • Business Development 10%
  • ICO Presale 5%
  • Main Scale 55%
  • Bounty 5%
  • Advicer's and Legal 10%
  • Investers and Team 15%
  • Crypto Development 10%
  • Marketing & Promotion 60%
  • Technology 25%
  • Legal & Regulation 5%


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

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